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In early 70’s under the first regime of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, George Baldoza was elected Kapitan del Barrio and his councilors were namely; Tomas Melaya, Manuel M. Raagas, Ariston Metin, and Basilio Magcamit. During their administration a local election was held wherein a  barangay resident ran as mayoralty candidate in the person of the late Crispulo La Rosa, and one of his lined up municipal councilors was George Baldoza both of them won the seats. Barangay Councilor Tomas Melaya being the first in the council takes over the position of Kapitan Del Barrio.

Barangay election was held again in1972, and Manuel M. Raagas was elected as Barangay Captain with him was his councilors namely; Juan Manzo, Basilio Magcamit, Felipe Morong, Godfredo H. Agarap, Lucila Minay and Valentin Dino Sr., Pacifico Gonzales was the first appointed Barangay Treasurer.

In the early administration of Brgy.Captain Manuel M. Raagas, he began his legacy in the formation of social awareness of his constituents in the community service, likewise cleanliness campaign, youth programs for sports development that unites the Borders and Bayanihan, reformation of religious civic group that in-charge in the cultural and traditional activities every summer. He also enhanced the government campaign for tree planting, and induced the active coordination of School based- Management wherein the links of PTA and barangay coordination were truly empowered. The healthy relationship among schools heads, subordinates and the barangay officials were truly achieved in every community programs like YCAP, Barangay Brigade and other programs enunciated by the government.

The animal husbandry, a program under KKK (Kilusang Kabuhayan at Kaunlaran) in the administration of President Marcos, introduced livelihood activities to reach out and connect people to the government. The nationwide activities of Ministry of Human Settlement under the first lady Imelda Romualdes Marcos bridge the national government down to barangay because the implementation of all the projects in the remote areas was headed by the Punong Barangay.

During his administration Municipal Funded projects accomplished were the following; one(1) Barangay Hall, one (1) basketball court in sitioBayanihan and one (1) waiting shed along Mabini  St. corner Del Pilar St. where now stands the Day Care Health Center of Barangay.

His term ended in 1987 after the height of EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986 when President Corazon Aquino overthrew the Marcos Regime and started transition government.  In 1987 under the new administration a barangay election was held but this time the position of the Barangay Captain will be based among the candidates who garnered the largest votes and fortunately Mario M. Umbao gained the leading votes and among his councilors were Manuel M. Raagas, Tomas Melaya, Victor Lingon, Joseph M. Mogol and Danilo Hernandez. In Umbao’s administration  the civic groups in barangay were formed giving birth to the groups namely; KUSA (Kababaihang Ugnayan sa Sona Apat), the RIC Rural Improvement Club and the youth organization 4H (Head, Heart, Hand)  Club in 1988.The following year the Women’s of Pinamalayan Cooperative (WOPIMCO) was formed under the chairmanship of Mrs, Corazon . Agarap.

It was also during the early administration of brgy. Captain Manuel Raagas when the first formalized Kabataang Barangay Election was held his eldest daughter was one of the candidates for Chairmanship.

The voting system of the election was through ballot box. Youth were very much involved in all activities concerning barangay programs because of the coordinated effort of the parents who are active members of different civic group within the community.

Nimfa Raagas won the Election against Teresa Montealegre for only seven votes.

The first initiated project of the Kabataan under the leadership of Ms. Nimfa Raagas was in line with athletic activities. A basketball league in Sitio Bayanihan which was sponsored by Rufino “Ino” Reyes was participated by organized youth team in different barangays. This was the height of Sports activities inside the town where Recodo team and Lumang Bayan were the mortal enemies competing for the finals.

The campaign for cleaner and green environment was also one of her projects. Every Saturday the youth were engaged in cleaning roadside and canals. The community supported all efforts of the youth by contributing meals and snacks. The Kabataang Barangay were always visible in all municipal programs during the period

Before the term of the young barangay captain ended his petition for United States was granted so he left the position grabbing the bigger leap of opportunity for greener pasture outside the country.

In the next barangay election a women candidate an active non-government organization leader of Rural Improvement Council and at the same time Chairperson of (WOPIMCO) Women of Pinamalayan Cooperative runs for barangay Captain with her opponent the incumbent first councilor. The system of traditional election balloting was again practiced. This time the incumbent first councilors ascended his position as barangay captain and continue serving his new term.

In 1994, after another set of barangay election was held, a new Barangay Captain won the seat an Engineer in profession, in the person of the honorable Engr. Anacleto Metin from Sitio Bayanihan with his following councilors namely; Renato Tan, Marietta Postrado, DaniloDael, Victor Lingon,  Emie Pastorfide, Victor Carmona and Ventura Hernandez. In this term, the appointed secretary were still Mrs. Lorna Gonzales and the new appointed treasurerwas Mr. Clodualdo Mantaring.

The Sangguniang Kabataan was headed by the eldest son of the barangay captain, who is Bobby Metin who accomplished the project of street lights during his term.

In 1997 another barangay election was held. This time a retired police officer tried his luck in politics and won the sit with his new line up of councilors among them were Danilo Dael, Victor Lingon, Renato Tan, Corazon Agarap, Emie Pastorfide, Victor Carmona and Ventura Hernandes. The appointed secretary Mrs. Lorna Gonzales remains in the position with the appointed Tresurer Mrs. Minda Panganiban.

The Sanguniang Kabataan was headed by Batoy Reanzares who accomplished the project of putting up an Encyclopedia set of books in the barangay hall.

A local election was held in 1998 and the barangay captain in position emerged himself into a new line-up of political ticket of local legislative council and won the municipal slate. As he entered the new legislative obligation he vacated his position of barangay captain giving way to the first councilor Danilo Dael a new position being chairman of barangay.

 The following barangay election in the year 2002 the incumbent Danilo Dael ran for Punong Barangay with his opponent the former bgry. Captain and formerly Municipal Councilor Tirso Baldoza, Danilo Dael won as Punong Barangay only by a margin of 1 vote.

The new set of barangay councilors elected were; Neil S. Jacob,  Paterno Narzoles,  Renato Tan,  Herminia Raagas,  Alex Jalotjot,  Guadalupe  Jalotjot,  and Danilo Metin.

The appointed secretary of the barangay still remained in the person of Mrs. Lorna Gonzales and appointed treasurer was Mrs. Minda Panganiban.

The Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman was Ms. Raelene Laurice C. Tan. During her term she accomplished the project of Mini Park beside Pilot Elementary School along Burgos Street.

Another set of barangay election was held in October 2007. For the second term the incumbent brgy. Captain still wanted to pursue his political career so he ran again for another term with his opponent again was Tirso Baldoza hoping not only 1 vote will defeat him. Unfortunately 15 votes defeated him giving way for the incumbent barangay captain to serve another term.

The new elected barangay councilors this time introduced a new set of faces in the legislative council they were Jose Sherwin Agarap, Marietta Postrado, Librada Tan, Nimfa Raagas, Danilo Metin, Lalaine Y. Gusguisa and Guadalupe Jalotjot. Appointed brgy. Secretary stills the same Mrs. Lorna Gonzales and Mrs. Minda Panganiban.

New elected Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman was Bengie Narciso.

On 2010 Danilo I. Dael won the election as Barangay Captain and Mark Anthony Magcamit became the SK Chairman of the same year. In this term the project Mini Park was given to the SK Chairman along his SK Councilors. On 2011, under the SK Project they accomplished the Basketball court reconstruction, his term lasted until 2013.

Victor J. Lingon a previous barangay kagawad won 2013 Barangay Election with his opponent Lorna M. Gonzales who was the previous barangay secretary. On March 2015 Mayor Wilfredo Hernandez donated the lot that the new Multi-Purpose Hall will be built in. On the last quarter of 2016 under the term of Captain Victor J. Lingon the Multi-purpose Hall was started to build along Del Pilar Strret, Zone IV, Pinamalayan Oriental Mindoro. February 2017 kagawad Minda T. Panganiban died and his husband Edgardo M. Panganiban take the position that the late kagawad unaccomplished. July 2017 barangay secretary Fely May O. Medina resigned for she has been employed abroad and Lea Ruth D. Pajila take the position. On December 2017, Lilibeth Manzo resigned and Michael I. Magcamit take the position of being barangay treasurer, kagawad Mark Anthony Magcamit also resigned and Alex H. Jalotlot take his position. On 2017 Comelec declare that the Barangay Election will be cancelled, Victor J. Lingon remain in his position. On February 2018 Kagawad Marieta Postrado resigned and Danilo M. Metin take the position.

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